Republic of Azerbaijan, Baku, Shusha

June 16 - 23, 2022,

Place of the competition: Azerbaijan State Academic Philharmonic Hall

Address: Republic of Azerbaijan, Baku 1001, Istiglaliyat str. 10

 Due  to the large number of applications from May 18th, 00:00, applications will not be accepted.


  • Grand Prix    (10,000 U.S.)

  • I Prize           (7,500 U.S.)

  • II Prize          (5,000 U.S.)

  • III Prize         (3,000 U.S.)

Special prizes:

  • "The Best tenor" (1,000 U.S.)

  • "For the best performance of works by Azerbaijani composers from Byulbyul’s repertoire" (1,000 U.S.)

  • "Prize HOPE" (special prize)

  • "For the best performance of an Italian aria (special prize) 


The competition is open to participants between the ages of 18 and 35, inclusive.

The following persons can take part in the competition:

opera singers, graduates, students of the Secondary and Higher Musical Educational Institutions (for example - the Musical College, the Music Academy, the Musical Institute, the choir university, the university with music departments, the Master program, the Graduate School)  

Qualifying round

Audition of the videos sent by the participants (before 15st of May 2022)

Round I

Aria from opera, cantata or oratorio (at the choice of the contestant)

Round II

Aria from the opera (at the choice of the contestant)

The work of Azerbaijani composers from Byulbyul's repertoire, on a choice from the list:

  • Uzeyir Hajibeyov, "Sensiz" (verses by Nizami Ganjavi);

  • Uzeyir Hajibeyov, "Sevgili janan" (verses by Nizami Ganjavi);

  • Asaf Zeynalli, "Olkem" (verses of Jafar Jabbarli);

  • Fikret Amirov, "Ulduz" (verses by Mamed Rahim)    

The notes can be downloaded from the website in Notes section.

Transposition is allowed depending on the participant's voice type. Perform in the Azerbaijani language (original).

Round III

(with a symphony orchestra)

The participant must prepare and send 3 arias from the world opera repertoire. 2 arias from the proposed list will be selected by the Jury.

To the attention of the contestants!

Each work can be performed only once. All arias must be in the original language, in the original key and performed by heart.

Replacement of works is not allowed (in special cases - by the decision of the Organizing Committee)   

The Organizing Committee provides concertmasters at no extra charge. If a contestant wishes to perform at the competition with his concertmaster, all expenses for his work and stay in Baku are paid by the participant himself.


Performances of the contestants on the Rounds I and II are accompanied by pianoforte. All works are performed by contestants without repetitions on other tours, necessarily by heart and in the original language.


To participate in the contest, the following materials should be sent:

  • Electronic application (fill in on the website) with the following attachments:

  • Passport

  • CV in Azerbaijani, Russian or English languages with a photo.

  • Video (links to performed by the contestant 2 arias, recorded no later than 2020 and uploaded to YouTube)

After the qualifying round on the video recordings, all applicants will receive a letter by email, either with confirmation of participation in the contest or with refusal to participate. Candidates admitted to the Round I will receive an invitation from the organizers (by email).

An invitation to participate in the competition entitles you to get an entry visa (for the citizens of the CIS countries visas are not required) in compliance with all anti-COVID rules established in Azerbaijan. 

Arrival expenses to Baku are paid by the participant himself.

The Organizing Committee pays for hotel accommodation for the contestants who passed to the Round III.

Prior to this period, the participant pays for his/her accommodation in Baku independently.

Moving on the route Baku-Shusha-Baku, accommodation, meals of participants in the city of Shusha are paid by the Organizing Committee of the Competition.

Distribution of prizes and diplomas for each nominee is carried out by Jury member’s votes.

The jury has the right, at its discretion: 

  • award not all prizes, including the "Grand Prix",

  • to divide the prizes among the contestants within the limits of the number of prizes (except for the "Grand Prix")

Sessions of the jury are closed; decisions are drawn up by the protocol, are final and are not subject to revision. Contestants entitle the Organizing Committee to broadcast the competition on radio and television, produce audio and video recordings with their further distribution without payment of fees to the contest participants. Participants allow the Organizing Committee to use their photos in the production of promotional products and agree to use their names in connection with the contest. All stages of the competition are covered by the media accredited in accordance with the established rules. The plan and the rules of the competition are approved by the Organizing Committee and are mandatory for all contestants. Submission of an application for participation in the competition means a complete and unconditional acceptance of the rules of these conditions. All force majeure situations are considered by the Organizing Committee individually.

The Competition is held by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the International Byulbyul Foundation.

Chairman of the contest – People’s artist of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Prof. Polad Byulbyul ogly

Director of the contest: Selivanova Anna Nikolayevna, tel: +79295798640, email:

Focal point in the Russian Federation: Rybinsky Nikolai Georgievich (Moscow), tel: +79031400982, email:

Focal point in Baku: Asadova Sabina, tel: +994507430862, email:

Phone: +994 (12) 493 1716
Social media:

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